How Efficient Are You??

3 min readJun 7, 2021

Efficiency refers to the act of ‘doing things appropriately’. The efficient acts are the ones in which our input generates a useful effect and are functional to our cause. Precisely, efficiency is the ability to act or produce effectively with a minimum of waste, expenditure or unnecessary effort. The focus is on the resources and speed with which organisational goals are achieved.

In our business work arenas, Efficiency plays a humongous role in the success of a particular business, especially “Employee Efficiency”.

All our businesses are some kind of a conglomeration of organized labour at different levels.

Every member up the aforementioned pyramid wants the ones below it to be as efficient as possible. Thus, this is an inter-dependent chain where everyone is liable for every other person’s growth or failure. In all, this is, what we like to say, an Efficiency Growth Pyramid(EGP).

Therefore, the success of an organisation is deep-rooted in the efficiency of its lowest entry-level. Employee Efficiency is a major part that often goes overlooked and hence the organisation collapses in no time.

So, We at SalaryBook have shifted our focus towards this serious issue and tried to lessen your burden by bringing to you the SalaryBook Application(

SalaryBook Mobile App(Now Available at Playstore:

SalaryBook assists you in managing your business efficiently. Its features are quite awesome. Some of them are:

  • You can use SalaryBook to manage and supervise multiple businesses or various branches of it at the same time.
  • If you are a medium to fairly big enterprise and find it difficult to classify your employees properly, then SalaryBook is the answer for you. SalaryBook helps you in the segregation of staffs in accordance with their payment cycle.
  • Attendance issues often cause a lot of trouble in SMEs.With SalaryBook’s COOL Attendance features they will no longer be a trouble. Instead, It’ll be fun :). SalaryBook allows you to take attendance in three different ways, (a) GPS + Selfie Attendance (b) GPS Attendance (c)Simple Attendance on the SalaryBook App. The alarm feature for attendances is also a unique one.
  • SalaryBook also allows you to download timely customized reports of your business which thereafter allows you to have a better look towards the future. With SalaryBook’s detailed customized analytical reports, you can plan the future of your business intelligently and hence embrace a more technically effective approach that could utilise the resources at your hand in a better way.

Various Behavioural Studies have found that “Timely Salary Can Increase The Efficiency Of Your Employees By 95%”.Thus, integrate SalaryBook in your organisation, increase Employee Efficiency and thus reap the benefits of an efficiently structured organisation. An easy path to success :)

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