Digitization Of MSMEs & SalaryBook’s Role

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) are the backbone of India's economy. The more they thrive, the better India’s economic condition becomes. But their growth is hindered by the gap created due to the lack of proper digitization in an era where we spend almost one-third of a day in our lives in front of a computer or mobile screen.

SalaryBook is a mobile application created with the intention to help various MSMEs or SMBs across India to join the digital bandwagon and keep up with the changing times. SalaryBook provides a simple digital solution to the challenges faced in employee management.

Several challenges come up in this process of “Digitization”. Let us go through them one by one and see how SalaryBook can help solve them.

  • Small Business Owner is not a tech pro and often finds difficulties in using a new/complex interface: SMB owners are not tech-savvy. Although they spend a sufficient amount of time using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp or surfing through YouTube videos yet dealing with the complexities of Payroll Management Software is not feasible for them. Although, if the User Interface(UI) is simple enough, they easily adopt a solution. SalaryBook’s users are easily able to figure out the uses of different sections of the apps very well. The reason being the simple and effective UX. SalaryBook is almost as easy to use as WhatsApp which makes it stand out among its competitors.

Digitally empowering the Small to Medium Business(SMB) owners can help India’s economy boost and leapfrog many of the developed economies in the chart of GDP. SalaryBook is assisting the MSMEs/SMBs across India this way. Play your part in India’s development as a whole and help SalaryBook reach as many needful MSME/SMB owners or their employees as possible.

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